Engineering department
 Our company Ltd. "Assistance Kaliningrad" provides services in employment of the seafarers on the ships foreign countries flags.
 Our highly qualified staff works successfully on the vessels of different types and fulfill a vast range of tasks. Their number is large enough to cope with all types of the problems dealing with the ship repair.
Particularly we have a large experience and skills in repairing:
Main Engines: Mitsubishi 6UEC 45LA 5010 ; Mitsui B&W 6L50MC 6845 ; Mitsubishi 6UEC52LA 7060, MAN 5KSZ, MAN B&W:
- Overhaul of the piston (removing of the head, taking of the piston, cleaning, detecting the flaw, rings changing, assembling),
- Piston + Cylinder liner  (above mentioned +detecting the flaw of the liner, taking of liner, changing of the water separating gaskets, assembling),
- Overhaul of the turbochargers of the above mentioned main engines,
- Inspection and changing of the main, connecting-rod and crosshead bearings,
- Detecting the flaw and replacement of the bearings of the reduction gear M.E,
- Detecting the flaw of any kinds of units and aggregates of M.E,
Auxiliary Engines Yanmar ; SKL; Daihatsu; Wartsila, NVD,
- Overhaul of the engine (includes taking of all the cylinder heads and pistons, detecting the piston-cylinder-units, detecting and replacement of the cylinder head parts as well as detection and replacement of main, connecting-rod, thrust bearings,
- The repair of high pressure fuel pumps and injector nozzles, mounted  engine pumps can be done, if necessary and according to the client's demand),
- Overhaul of turbochargers A.E:   VTR , MAN.
Auxiliary jobs:
- Repairing of electrical equipment of any complexity.
- Cleaning of fuel and oil tanks.
- Repairing of pipe systems of all types and sizes.
- Repairing of the hydraulic systems (pipes, pumps, motors and manipulators).
 Our company considers the offers and claims for repairing of the ship equipment with any kind of complexity as quickly as possible.
 All the necessary spare parts and specialized tools are provided either by the customer, ship-owner representative by the time the repair starts. If it's necessary or according to the customer's wish, our company can consider any claims in delivering the necessary spare parts to the place of repair in the shortest time.The claims and the offers are compiled as the lists of repair with preliminary calculation of the works.
 The credo of the company is the guaranty of the quality, professionalism and open outlook for future. We are developing and invite you interested in our business to the long-term cooperation.
 Due to our economically-geographic position, Russia, Kaliningrad, our company is ready to provide you with the reasonable prices. Our strategy is speed, reliability and mutually beneficial conditions. We will help you to keep the vessel in tensed working conditions and keep the profit overcoming the demurrage overpayment. We have gained the experience in sending our specialists as well as spare parts to the place of repair. The members of our staff have all the necessary diplomas and certificates and in case of necessity they can accompany the vessel during the voyage up to the fulfillment of the repair.
 Our best regards: "Assistance Kaliningrad" administration